Friday, June 25, 2010


We got up early this morning and went to the splash park for a MOPS playdate.  Ana Kate loved it...she had so much fun!  She wore her new swimsuit and it looked adorable!  It was so HOT though....and no shade.  I will have to remember to bring an umbrella next time.  My Mom met us there and brought her umbrella so thankfully I did get some shade.  After the splash park we went home and had lunch then I put Ana Kate down for her nap.  She went to sleep easily (and earlier than usual), so I guess the extra activity wore her out.  After nap I let her swim in her pool here and she played with her new goggles and arm floaties that Mimi got her.  Then after Doug got home we went to Sam's to stock up on some groceries.

Most of the photos from today are from the splash park and the others were taken after dinner.