Wednesday, June 2, 2010


We had a very busy day today.  My brother and his family came to visit and also my cousin Taryn and her family.  We had a full house....but it has been SO much fun!  I didn't know Taryn was coming until yesterday, so that was a fun surprise.  The kids have had a great time playing and I think every toy Ana Kate owns is out on the floor.  We all went out to dinner and the kids did great and Ana Kate was very well behaved.

Ana Kate said the funniest thing at dinner.  My brother was talking to her asking if she was going to drive home and she said, 'No...then the police will get me.  I have to stay in my car seat.'  We all started laughing when she said that, so she said very seriously....'That's not funny everyone!'  It was super cute....she is so funny!

Not much else going on here.  We're just visiting and catching up with everyone.  I didn't get many photos of Ana Kate today.  I love the pictures of Whitney with sweet!