Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Today we were pretty busy.  I let Ana Kate sleep in since she was up way too late last night.  Once she got up and had her bath we headed to Walmart.  She was such a good girl in the store that I went by Sonic to get her a kids meal on the way home.  She always gets the grilled cheese and apples, and she was really hungry because she ate almost all of it.  After lunch we went to do some more shopping and found some cute clothes and another adorable swimsuit for Ana Kate!  I decided not to let Ana Kate nap today hoping for a more normal bedtime.  She did fall asleep in the car, so I took advantage of that and went by the bookstore and let her sleep in her stroller.  She woke up as soon as I put her back in her carseat, so she only had about a 30 minute nap....which I think should work out perfectly.  Once we got home we played outside for about an hour and then made dinner.  We have a busy Thursday and Friday, so hopefully we'll all get some sleep tonight.

When we went outside tonight to take pictures Ana Kate had to bring her binoculars....she told me she had some bird watching to cute!

My little bird watcher.

Ana Kate & Mommy

A couple of pictures of my new haircut.