Friday, June 11, 2010


Ana Kate slept in late again today...I'm going to have to try and fix this sleeping schedule.  By the time we get ready to go somewhere it's already lunchtime!  I did put her down for a nap at normal time today, but then she slept for 3 hours again!  Maybe its because she's been sick...I don't know, but hopefully in the next week we'll get back on a regular sleeping schedule.  I had planned on shopping today and then driving around, but with the sleeping in and early nap we didn't go anywhere until Doug got home.

When Doug got home we decided to go out for dinner at Marketplace.  I love their salads and Ana Kate usually eats really well there.  They have her two favorite foods on the kids menu...grilled cheese and mac and cheese. : )  After dinner we walked over to Cold Stone for ice cream and Ana Kate loved it!  I didn't get any for myself, but I did eat a couple of bites of hers and it was really good.

After dinner we ran into the store to get a couple of things and Ana Kate had a huge was awful!  She was so good during dinner, I'm not sure why she decided to behave that way.  I'm guessing she still isn't feeling 100% yet, but she still had to sit in time out when we got home.  She is always so remorseful after having a temper tantrum, but she will never listen to reason while she's still mad.  We've been working on 'controlling her mads' by counting to 10 and taking deep breaths.  She is getting better, but we still have work to do.  I know most of this is probably just the terrible two's, but I would prefer to try to correct the behavior before it gets out of control.

I think my next photo session will be with Whitney, but I'm not sure when we'll get to do it.  I was thinking this weekend, but the forecast says we'll see.