Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We had a pretty rough night last night.  Ana Kate's fever finally went down, but she woke up crying several times telling me her throat hurt.  She has had a horrible time eating or even drinking anything today.  Around lunchtime she did eat a few spoonfuls of macaroni and cheese, but then started complaining.  She ate a few more bites at dinner, but she only drank one sippy cup of milk today.  She typically drinks a LOT more than that...so I know her throat must be raw.  I tried gving her some ice cream after dinner, but she had problems eating that too.

Since Ana Kate isn't feeling well she has been really clingy and whiny today.  She's told me her throat hurts at least 500 times!  It's really tough, because even when she's sick she never acts this way.  I've been holding her most of the day, so I haven't really gotten much else done.  The bad part is even when I hold her and try to comfort her it doesn't help....she wants me to make it stop hurting and I can't.  It breaks my heart to see her in so much pain!

She did want to take some pictures outside today, but you can tell she doesn't feel well in them.  I think being outside distracted her some, so I will try more outside time tomorrow.

Giving kisses to Mommy.
And also....I finally finished editing my first 'real' photo session with Piper.  She is my cousin Taryn's daughter and she was such an adorable model!  I call this my first 'real' shoot because it was the first organized shoot of someone other than my own children...even though it was just a few props and done in my front yard.  Of course Piper was super easy to work with and she can't get away from me yet like Ana Kate can.  : )  I included some of my favorites below.



Nicki said...

Aww. I hope Ana Kate feels better soon! And those pictures of the lovely baby are so cute!
- nicki xoxo