Monday, June 21, 2010


Today I had big plans to clean house....but I really didn't get much accomplished.  Other than that we had a pretty good day, Ana Kate was in a great mood, the only real issue was that she didn't nap.  She did lay in her bed for an hour though, so I guess that's better than nothing.  I asked Ana Kate to pick up her toys this morning and she said...'I can't Mommy, I'm just too tired.'  I'm hoping she learns to be neater as she gets older....I'm worried she might become very messy like her big sister.

After dinner I made Ana Kate an ice cream cone and took pictures while she ate it on the front porch.  She got SO messy...but she loved it!  I bought the ice cream last week, but we didn't try it until tonight.  I thought bueberry pomegranate sounded interesting, but it was much better than I expected.  I think it might be my new favorite ice cream.


Ana said...

Beautiful pictures as always Candace!!!

I wanted to pass along one of my favorite inventions ever -- Dripsticks!!!!! You can get them at ToysRUs and I even saw some at in the Dollar Section at Target!!! They are AWESOME and a life (& clothes) saver in the heat of Florida summer.