Monday, May 31, 2010


Today we woke up and got back to a somewhat normal routine.  I did some cleaning while Ana Kate watched her favorite morning cartoons.  We had lunch and then went shopping at a few different stores.  I have been looking for foam pillows to replace my old ones and I finally found some today that are perfect...and they were 50% off!  When we came home from shopping Ana Kate was asleep, so I layed down with her to try out my new pillow....I love it! 

Not much else going on here.  Doug let Ana Kate get in the pool after nap, but since we refilled it last night it was too cold for her.  After that we headed to the park to let Ana Kate play.  Now I'm finishing up some laundry while Doug and Ana Kate are playing downstairs.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Not a lot going on here today.  We were lazy again this morning and of course Ana Kate wanted to swim.  We made a quick trip to the store and then cooked out and my Mom came over.  It was nice to have everyone together for dinner.  It was really good!  I love to grill out in the summer.

All the photos are from playing in the pool because that's pretty much what we've been doing today.  Ana Kate is quite the water baby!  She did a couple of silly poses for me because she wanted to show off her Ariel swimsuit.  I normally don't buy any character clothing (other than pjs) because I just don't like them, but Ana Kate loves Ariel and is obsessed with all things mermaid right now.  If it's Ariel in the princess dress she doesn't like has to be 'Ariel under the sea' as she likes to say.  Hopefully we'll do something other the swim tomorrow.  I can tell now that swimming pool pictures are going to get old it's getting harder to protect my camera from her splashes.  : )

Saturday, May 29, 2010


We got up and were pretty lazy this morning....which was wonderful!  We stayed in our pjs and had a late breakfast, then headed outside so Ana Kate could play in the pool.  It was still pretty cold, but she loves it anyway!  I did make her go in during the hottest part of the day and attempted to put her down for a nap.  She never did fall asleep for her nap, so we played, ate dinner, and then headed back outside for more pool time.  Now for bath and bedtime and maybe I'll get some laundry and cleaning done.

Photos are all from the morning swim.  She has so many swimsuits because all of them from last year still fit....I really only bought 2 for this summer.  : )  She actually did a couple of poses for me today.

Friday, May 28, 2010


We got up pretty early this morning and met up with some friends to go pick strawberries.  When we got there Ana Kate and Sydney (her cousin) held hands and walked was sweet.  Once we got started the kids were really into picking the berries.  I had to keep reminding Ana Kate to only pick the red ones, and she wanted to eat them SO badly!  She was such a good girl and we ended up with a lot of stawberries! 

We headed home to change clothes and have a snack, then went to Target to buy a bigger swimming pool for the deck.  It holds a lot more water and the water was VERY cold today, but Ana Kate loves it!  She cried when she had to get out for dinner.  We went out to eat, then made a quick trip to Sam's.  I let her get back in the pool once we got home and Daddy got in with her, which made her very happy.

Photos are from the strawberry patch and playing in the pool.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


This morning Ana Kate slept in until around 9:30.  Unfortunately I didn't get much done before she got up...but I did enjoy my coffee and some quiet time.  Once she was up we decided to get out her pool from last year and clean it up.  It took quite a while just to air it up, then we went inside for lunch while it filled with water.  I decided to make Ana Kate nap before swimming, but after 2 hours of laying in her bed, NOT sleeping, I let her get up.  We headed outside and she swam for about an hour.  She had SO much fun splashing around and playing.  I think the pool from last year is a bit too small though, so we might have to buy a new one that can hold a bit more water.

Not much else exciting going on here.  Whitney did go to school today and is feeling better, although she can't wait to eat normal food again.  : )  Ana Kate and I have a fun day planned tomorrow, so I am planning an early bedtime for both of us.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This morning I had to take Whitney in for more surgery on her mouth.  She developed an infection where one of her wisdom teeth were removed.  It was so bad that they had to cut it back open clean it out and insert a drain.  Surgery went well and they actually took the drain out before we left the office.  She seems to be doing well and isn't in too much pain. 

On another note....Ana Kate was absolutely wild in the waiting room, so she had to sit in time out when we got home.  That gave me a chance to get Whitney settled.  After time out I put Ana Kate in bed for her nap.  The nap did wonders for her, because she was such a good girl when we went to the store later.  I'm really not sure if her behavior issues lately are just the terrible 2's or if I haven't been consistant enough with warnings and time outs.  I am really going to work on that this week.  I do know that Ana Kate responds well to time out, but I find it hard to enforce it if we aren't home.  I guess I will start taking a time out spot with us wherever we go until we can sort out the misbehavior in public.  I know I can't expect her to act like an adult, but just listening to me and doing what I say would be a huge improvement.  We'll see how it goes....she is stubborn.  : )

We stayed close to home for the rest of the day to keep an eye on Whitney.  I plan to go through Ana Kate's toys tonight and get rid of some of them....they are taking over the house!

I took photos outside on our usual spot...I love the first one.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


We made the trip home today and I am SO glad to be home!  We had a good time visiting with family, but there is no place like home.  Ana Kate did amazing in the car all day, she told us every time she had to go potty and we had no accidents at all!  We unpacked the car and did some cleaning when we got home, then went out to dinner with Whitney & Josh, and stopped by the grocery store.  Ana Kate was not great at dinner, but terrible at the store.  She must be overtired, because she hasn't had a fit like that in a while.

It was sunny the entire time we were gone and we hadn't been home 2 hours before it started storming again.  : (  I did manage to get pictures of Ana Kate before the storm hit.

We are all pretty tired and I have to be up early again tomorrow, so I think I'll give Ana Kate a bath and then try to go to bed.

Monday, May 24, 2010


We have internet issues at Doug's parents house, so it's tough posting today.  This picture was taken in the car with my phone.  I haven't taken any pictures with my camera yet today....but had to post while I had the chance.  I will add some other pictures to the post later.  We've been shopping today and right now Ana Kate is napping.  I think the kids are going to play in the baby pool when she wakes up....that's about all we're up to.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Today we hung out at Doug’s parent’s house and the guys worked on the roof again. The kids played all afternoon and Ana Kate had a blast! She was so excited she didn’t take a nap, but then around 6pm she curled up in the recliner and fell asleep. Hoping the late ‘nap’ won’t cause problems at bedtime.

Not much else going on here today. All the photos are of the kids playing today....and have almost no editing.

This last picture is our our newest niece, Elizabeth with Grandma.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Today we got up early and went to get our new car.  I love it! I still love my Jeep Commander too, but this one has so much more room.  Doug will be driving the Jeep now, so the Suburban is my new car.  It's already dirty because the driveway is so muddy, but here's a picture:

When we got back to the house the guys starting putting a new roof on.  They were up there working all day, so we ran a couple of errands, let the kids play, and then cooked dinner.  I took the pictures of the kids inside and I didn't do much editing at all.  Hoping to take more outside pictures tomorrow...hopefully it won't be so muddy and the kids can play outside more.

Doug working on the roof.

Our adorable nephew Owen.
Grandma working hard in the kitchen.
Ana Kate really likes her Aunt Lauren.