Sunday, May 16, 2010


Today we stayed home and did some cleaning and laundry.  We had yet more thunderstorms....but thankfully got some sunshine the afternoon.  Ana Kate helped me clean and even picked up most of her toys...I was SO proud of her!  Doug was gone all day working on the rental property, and got almost everything done, so hopefully we'll have new tenants in there soon.

I decided to roast another chicken for dinner tonight, but this time I cooked the potatoes and carrots in with the chicken.  We also had creamed corn and cornbread.  It was SO good!  Ana Kate and I sat outside on the front porch after dinner and I snapped a few pictures of her.  The huge bruise on her forehead is from last night at church....she bumped heads with one of the kids when they were playing and it left the worst bruise.