Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This morning Ana Kate helped me make another batch of granola bars.  They are good, but not quite the texture I was looking for.  Ana Kate loved them though, so they will make a great breakfast or snack for her.  After making our granola bars I decided to make a doctor's appointment for Ana Kate.  Her eyes weren't worse, but definitely weren't getting any better.  So we got ready and went to the doctor.  I have to mention that Ana Kate got mad when I first told her we were going to the doctor's office.  She threw a huge fit and said she was scared.  I finally calmed her down and told her it was going to be ok.  (She has been terrified of the doctor since she had a chest x-ray.)  So, by the time we left she promised to be a good girl and she was...until the doctor tried to look at her eyes and ears.  She completely freaked out!  I mean she was pushing his hands away and I think she even tried to bite him a couple of times....it was awful!  I think she was just really scared.  She calmed down quickly after the exam though, so hopefully our next doctor's visit will go better.  She did get medicine for a possible ear infection and an eye infection, so I am glad that I made the appointment.  She fell asleep in the car on the way home and ended up taking a long nap.

I'm not feeling great and have been pretty tired this afternoon...so not much activity around here tonight.  I think we'll watch Lost and then go to bed early.