Sunday, May 9, 2010

129/365 - Happy Mother's Day!

First, I want to wish all the Mom's I know a very Happy Mother's Day!!  I have been so blessed with my 2 amazing girls and I had a wonderful day with them!

Last night after church Ana Kate came upstairs (while I was updating the blog) and had on a new t-shirt that said 'I Love Mommy' and had a card and a big box of candy.  It was super sweet!  I'm not sure when Doug found time to this....but I loved it!  Then this morning, Whitney sent Ana Kate downstairs to me with a card form both of them....I love my girls SO much!!

We decided to go out to eat to celebrate, but it's always so busy on Mother's Day.  We typically will not wait in line for any we thought we'd go to a local pizza place that we like and it was not busy at all.  So we had a great lunch!  After lunch we went by Walmart and then home.  Ana Kate fell asleep in the car, so she did take a nap.  When she woke up we headed over to my Mom's to drop off her card and some candy.  Mimi loved it!  After visiting for a while we headed home to watch the final episode of The Amazing Race.  It was a bit disappointing since our favorite team came in second.

I took pictures after Ana Kate's nap out on the front porch while she played with her new piano.  Oh...and while I'm thinking of it a quick potty training update from our 2nd week.  Ana Kate is doing great with very few accidents.  She is going to the bathroom when she needs to without me asking and she was accident free all day today, even during nap!

And here are a couple of pictures that Amanda took of Ana Kate's dedication at church last night:

Ana Kate & Mommy...the first one is pretty blurry, but such a special moment captured.

Ana Kate with Amanda after the service...she was SO excited to see her.  I think we'll have to start calling her 'Aunt' Amanda!


Amanda said...

I wouldn't care at all to be called Aunt Amanda!!! Ana Kate is such a sweet girl!!! Sorry the pics where blurry... I am glad I had my camera with me!
Glad to hear you had a good mother's day! I am impressed with Doug! How sweet of him!!