Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I felt awful when I woke up this morning, so I scheduled a doctor's appointment for me today.  I told Ana Kate where we were going and she wanted to make sure that she didn't have to go back the the doctor.  Ana Kate was so funny at the doctor.  She 'helped' them check my ears and throat and when we left she shook my doctor's hand.  She is such a character....she definitely leaves an impression on everyone she meets!  Such an amazing personality! 

Turns out I have a sinus infection.  So we went to get my prescription and then went home and had lunch.  I finally got Ana Kate down for a short nap (less than an hour), so I am really hoping for an early bedtime tonight....for both of us!

I took pictures before Ana Kate's nap and she was giving me a hard time.  Hoping we both feel better tomorrow so we can get out of the house and do something fun...and maybe take some pictures somewhere other than the front porch.  : )