Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We had a pretty typical day around here, was actually sunny and warm!  We got ready and went grocery shopping and Ana Kate was such a good girl!  She talked to everyone....and I do mean everyone!  She is the most social toddler I've ever seen.  She was also quite entertaining in the car...she has really amazed me recently with her memorization skills.  We always have her Veggie Tales Bible Songs CD playing in the car and she can sing most of the words in almost all of the songs.  There are still a couple she doesn't quite know and she will keep asking me to play them again until she gets it.  It is so sweet to hear her singing along with it.

After grocery shopping we had lunch and then nap.  I didn't work on my closet during naptime, so I'll have to finish that up tonight when Doug gets home.  He's been traveling for my only 'downtime' has been during Ana Kate's nap.  When Ana Kate got up she helped me finish up dinner and some vacuuming and sweeping.  Dinner was SO good.  I baked a whole chicken in my dutch oven and it was so tender!  We also had scalloped potatoes, green peas, and homemade whole grain rolls.  Everyone enjoyed it except for Ana Kate....I couldn't get her to eat anything, but she did eat quite a bit for lunch, so I guess she wasn't hungry.

Pictures were after dinner....Ana Kate was loving the warm sunny day!

Trying to ring the doorbell with her fairy wand.
She was telling me something important here...