Friday, May 28, 2010


We got up pretty early this morning and met up with some friends to go pick strawberries.  When we got there Ana Kate and Sydney (her cousin) held hands and walked was sweet.  Once we got started the kids were really into picking the berries.  I had to keep reminding Ana Kate to only pick the red ones, and she wanted to eat them SO badly!  She was such a good girl and we ended up with a lot of stawberries! 

We headed home to change clothes and have a snack, then went to Target to buy a bigger swimming pool for the deck.  It holds a lot more water and the water was VERY cold today, but Ana Kate loves it!  She cried when she had to get out for dinner.  We went out to eat, then made a quick trip to Sam's.  I let her get back in the pool once we got home and Daddy got in with her, which made her very happy.

Photos are from the strawberry patch and playing in the pool.


Lena said...

Love the pictures from the strawberry patch! Where is it at?
Let us know if you want to sell the little pool, we may want one for William.