Thursday, May 27, 2010


This morning Ana Kate slept in until around 9:30.  Unfortunately I didn't get much done before she got up...but I did enjoy my coffee and some quiet time.  Once she was up we decided to get out her pool from last year and clean it up.  It took quite a while just to air it up, then we went inside for lunch while it filled with water.  I decided to make Ana Kate nap before swimming, but after 2 hours of laying in her bed, NOT sleeping, I let her get up.  We headed outside and she swam for about an hour.  She had SO much fun splashing around and playing.  I think the pool from last year is a bit too small though, so we might have to buy a new one that can hold a bit more water.

Not much else exciting going on here.  Whitney did go to school today and is feeling better, although she can't wait to eat normal food again.  : )  Ana Kate and I have a fun day planned tomorrow, so I am planning an early bedtime for both of us.