Thursday, May 20, 2010


I was hoping to feel better this morning, but I felt even worse.  We did not get to bed early last night....Ana Kate did not want to sleep, I think I finally got in bed around midnight.  There were more loud thunderstorms last night, so Ana Kate ended up in bed with us and some point.  And then when Doug got up around 5am Riley was outside our bedroom door wanting in.  (I typically put my dogs in their kennel every night, but Riley is terrified of thunderstorms, so I left her out last night thinking she could hide under the blanket on the couch.)  Riley must have really been scared because she NEVER comes upstairs....she usually won't even set foot out of our family room towards the stairs.  Anyway....crazy night and I didn't get very good sleep.  I got up at 5 and took a hot bath, then went back to bed and was able to sleep until 8:30.  I felt better, but still not good.  Thankfully Ana Kate slept for another hour so I had time for some coffee and oatmeal.

Around noon my Mom came over to watch Ana Kate so I could get some more rest.  Thank you Mom!  I got to lay in bed ALL afternoon!  I really didn't sleep, but got some much needed rest.  She played with Ana Kate, read her lots of books, and watched a couple of movies with her.  Ana Kate did not nap, which was fine with me...I'm hoping this results in an earlier bed time.  I won't hold my breath though...

A quick update on our potty training. She is pretty much trained, but we do have the occassional accident when she gets too busy playing.  I started giving her a lollipop everytime she went poop on the potty and since I did that she has not had any poop accidents.  Just this week I decided to stop the potty treats because I think she was forcing herself to go sometimes just so she could have a treat.  I really don't have to remind her anymore, but sometimes I do....especially when we're out somewhere.  I'm hoping in another month or so we can ditch the pull-ups when we are out somewhere and just go with regular underwear.  I am just so worried that when I do, she'll pee all over the floor at the grocery store.  I don't remember worrying about that with Whitney....maybe it's been so long ago I just forgot.  : )

So, I really wasn't into taking pictures today....I went outside once and it made my coughing, sneezing, sinus pressure worse.  So, I just took a few quick pictures while Ana Kate took her bath.


Nicki said...

I hope you feel better soon! My little cousin/ neighbor who is 17 months, has a fever.
How did Ana- Kate get that bruise ? I missed have missed it in previous posts.. :p

- nicki xo