Friday, April 30, 2010


Day 4 of potty training did not start well....  I was so frustrated this morning because Ana Kate went to the potty when I woke her up then had 3 accidents by 10am.  I am trying to let her figure out when to go rather than telling her all the time, but I continue to ask her if she needs to go every 30 minutes to an hour.  After the third accident I turned off the tv and we talked and played.  She finally went in the potty a few times and we had lunch and she stayed dry for the rest of the day!!  YAY!!  She was even dry when she woke up from her nap (yes she actually napped today) and the first thing she said when she woke up was, "Mommy, I have to pee."  Then she asked why she had a diaper on and said that she wanted her panties back.  So, even though the day started off pretty rough she is doing really well right now and I can see some positive progress.  I'm still not sure why she had trouble this morning.  Ater naptime I did promise Ana Kate that when she finally 'gets' it and becomes accident free that we'll take her to the zoo.  She talked about it for a long time, so maybe that will be enough incentive.

We were supposed to meet some other MOPS Moms for lunch today, but I didn't sleep much last night and was not feeling great this morning.  Then when the potty issues started this morning I decided we needed to stay home.

It was stormy and rainy here today, but we snuck in some pictures on the front porch after dinner.  The skies are kind of gloomy in the pictures, so I played around with editing and did a bit more to them than usual.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Day 3 of potty training went great!  Ana Kate only had 2 accidents and the first one didn't happen until 5pm today.  We even made a trip to Walmart and she did great, of course we went to the restroom 3 times while we were there, but no accidents.  I am so proud of my big girl!  I have to say I'm not looking forward the the public restroom thing and constantly going potty when we're out.  I did buy one of those folding travel potty seats today.  We haven't actually used it yet, but I'm hoping that helps with the public restrooms.

So that was our big outing for the day and I didn't want to push my luck by going anywhere else!  We came home and had lunch then I tried to put Ana Kate down for a nap, she laid down for a long time....but no nap again!  So I'm super tired today!  After her non-nap we played outside, blew bubbles, and watched the birds....and I got lots of photos.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So today was potty training day 2 and it went MUCH better than yesterday...yay!  So far we've only had 4 accidents, so we are definitely making progress.  I make her try every 30-60 minutes, so she still needs to figure out when to go on her own.  Usually when she goes on her own it's already too late, but we'll get there eventually.  She gets so excited about going and today she told me that she doesn't wear diapers anymore.  We got her a new book called Princess Potty by Samantha Berger and she loves it!  It's really a cute and funny book and it comes with a tiara (which she loves to wear) and stickers for a potty reward.  I think it has helped to motivate her.

Not much else going on here today.  I'm trying to stay home so that we can really focus on the potty training without having 'issues' while we're out.  The only thing we really did today was play.  Ana Kate did not take a nap, even though we tried, so she should have an early bedtime tonight.

Pictures were taken right after dinner, and Ana Kate still had her 'potty' tiara on.  : )

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well, today we were back to potty we didn't go ANYwhere.  Ana Kate stayed in her training pants and t-shirt all day and we had limited success.  She did go once in the potty and she sat there several times...but we had LOTS of accidents.  She does immediately tell me when she's wet, so the cotton training pants are working.  She just needs to figure out how to hold it until she can make it to the potty.  I'm hopeful that she will improve each day.  She didn't wear a diaper all day, but we did have to do a load of laundry to keep a clean supply of training pants.  : )

Tonight we grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and Doug's parents came over.  They are headed back to Iowa tomorrow, so we visited for a while after dinner.

Pictures were from outside after dinner...taken very quickly.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Not much activity here today.  I had an appointment with Amanda today for a haircut, so Grandma came over to watch Ana Kate.  When I got back home she was trying to go down for her nap...but she just never would go to sleep. nap today and she's still going strong!  I wish I had her energy!

Pictures are from outside this afternoon.  I was really trying to get her to pose for me, but she was interested in everything but the camera.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Not a lot going on, but it is Doug's birthday Happy Birthday to my sweet husband!!  We celebrated by having lunch at Las Palmas (Doug's favorite Mexican restaraunt), and then had cookies and ice cream.  Ana Kate and I made Daddy a gluten free cookie cake for his birthday and it turned out great! 

This afternoon we went out to War Eagle Mill to buy a few things.  I love their organic flour, so I try to go out there every few months to stock up.  I wanted to walk around and take some pictures of the mill and the old bridge there, but just as we were heading to the car for the camera it started raining....again!  I so hope the rain is over for the week!

That was about it for us....we visited with Doug's parents and then watched The Amazing Race (our favorite team came in 1st this week)...go cowboys!

Most of the pictures today were outside just before sundown.  Our azaleas are in full bloom now and they are beautiful!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


First of all Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband Doug!  It's been 6 years today!  I almost can't believe it's been that long, but it's been an amazing 6 years!  Today is also my Dad's birthday, so Happy Birthday to Papa!  Ana Kate called and left him a voice mail today and sang Happy was cute!

We had planned to get up early and do the 5k race for the cure this morning....but it was raining very hard when we woke up, so we decided not to drag Ana Kate out in the rain.  I'm a little bummed though because I always enjoy the race and it's just a fun day for the whole family.  Maybe we'll have to do another 5K sometime in the near future.

Ana Kate and I hung out with Grandma for most of the day while Doug and Grandpa worked on the rental house.  I even took a nap with Ana Kate which was wonderful!  I can't remember the last time I took a nap and actually slept.

Tonight we had church and toddler class.  It was fun, but you could tell it rained all day because those kids had a lot of energy!  We only had 7 though, so it was pretty easy to keep them under control.  Our service at church tonight was wonderful (as usual) and really gave me a lot to study on this week.

Pictures are from before church and it was actually sunny for a brief moment.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Ana Kate had another good night...yay!  She had some trouble going to sleep, but stayed in her bed until about 6:30, then crawled into my bed.  I had to wake her up at 9:15 to get ready for our playdate.

We went over to my friend Sue's house so Ana Kate could play with Drew.  I met Sue at MOPS and she is the most amazing person!  She was adopted as a toddler and has really helped me understand adoption through her eyes and given me a better perspective for how Ana Kate might feel as she grows up.  I just love spending time with her and her baby Drew is adorable!  Drew is almost 18 months old, so he's about a year younger than Ana Kate.  The kids played inside and outside (and back and forth) and had a few snacks.  We had a great time!!  It was so nice to talk to Sue while the kids played...we'll have to do that more often.

Tonight Doug's parents are going to watch Ana Kate so Doug and I can go out to dinner to celebrate our 6th anniversary.  It is actually tomorrow....but we have a really busy day and night tomorrow, so thought it would be best to celebrate tonight.  We'll probably just have dinner and then maybe do some shopping at the mall if it's not raining.

Pictures today are from our playdate.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Ana Kate slept so well last night.  She didn't cry at all and stayed in her bed all night....yay! 

We got up and watched a few cartoons then got ready and headed over to Amanda's to go for a walk.  Amanda babysits for a co-worker on Thursdays, so we decided we'd meet up at her house and all go for a walk.  Ana Kate loved it because I let her walk and she got to hold the dogs' leashes.  Ana Kate loves Birdie and Divot!  After our walk we hung out in Amanda's backyard and talked while Ana Kate played and baby Farrah napped.  I got some really cute pictures.

Ana Kate took a great nap when we got home from Amanda's house and I made double chocolate chip cookies while she was asleep.  They are SO good, but not really good for my diet....although I have been doing really well this week with my food diary (down 3 pounds).  Doug's parents got into town tonight, so we went out to dinner with them and just got back home a little while ago.  I really need to get some embroidery projects done I am off to work on that.

Amanda & Ana Kate with Divot
Amanda & Ana Kate with Birdie