Thursday, April 22, 2010


Ana Kate slept so well last night.  She didn't cry at all and stayed in her bed all night....yay! 

We got up and watched a few cartoons then got ready and headed over to Amanda's to go for a walk.  Amanda babysits for a co-worker on Thursdays, so we decided we'd meet up at her house and all go for a walk.  Ana Kate loved it because I let her walk and she got to hold the dogs' leashes.  Ana Kate loves Birdie and Divot!  After our walk we hung out in Amanda's backyard and talked while Ana Kate played and baby Farrah napped.  I got some really cute pictures.

Ana Kate took a great nap when we got home from Amanda's house and I made double chocolate chip cookies while she was asleep.  They are SO good, but not really good for my diet....although I have been doing really well this week with my food diary (down 3 pounds).  Doug's parents got into town tonight, so we went out to dinner with them and just got back home a little while ago.  I really need to get some embroidery projects done I am off to work on that.

Amanda & Ana Kate with Divot
Amanda & Ana Kate with Birdie


Amanda said...

AWWW you did get some great pictures today!! I had a great time! Have fun with Doug's parents and I hope Ana Kate sleeps all night for ya!!

Mer (Lulu's Mommy) said...

solutely precious