Monday, April 19, 2010


Today we ran a few errands and then came home for naptime.  After naptime we played outside for a was nice and sunny, and our azaleas are beginning to bloom!

Another big part of the day...I finally started potty training (for real this time) with Ana Kate.  We just started tonight before dinner and so far no accidents...but she hasn't actually used the potty either.  I expect to have a lot of accidents the next few days, but hoping she gets the hang of it quickly.  I totally believe in using cotton training pants with the plastic cover pants for potty training.  I just don't think pull-ups work.  She is quite head-strong, and this wasn't her idea, so we'll see how it goes.

Not much else going on here tonight.  Doug is working on the rental house tonight...getting it ready for new tenants to move in, so Ana Kate and I will probably watch Dancing with the Stars.

Oh...I meant to post this last night, but completely forgot.  I made the easiest recipe last weekend and it turned out really good., so I thought I'd share it.

Mexican Chicken

4-5 large chicken breasts (frozen)
2 cans rotel (I used regular, but spicy would be good as well)
2 cans black beans
1 - 2 packages taco seasoning (depending on taste)

Place frozen chicken in the crock-pot.  Dump in two cans of rotel (I blend mine in the food processer first so there aren't any big chunks). Let it cook on low  for about 8 hours.  Then, shred the chicken with a fork, add taco seasoning and beans, and cook a couple more hours.

We used it for chicken tacos and chicken nachos...but it would also make great chicken enchilada filling.  It was really good....I will definitely make it again.  I had seen a similar recipe on another blog (totally forgot which one) but it didn't include the black beans.  I really liked the added texture with the beans.  You should try it sometime.
Pictures were from playing outside today.  The colors were so beautiful that I did very little editing.


Amanda said...

Ana Kate looks like such a big girl! The other day she looked so little sleeping! HA If it is nice on Thursday I would like to get together to walk!

Nicki said...

Great pictures! She looks like an angel..
Do you use Picnik to edit your photos?

Candace said...

I edit everything in photoshop.