Saturday, April 24, 2010


First of all Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband Doug!  It's been 6 years today!  I almost can't believe it's been that long, but it's been an amazing 6 years!  Today is also my Dad's birthday, so Happy Birthday to Papa!  Ana Kate called and left him a voice mail today and sang Happy was cute!

We had planned to get up early and do the 5k race for the cure this morning....but it was raining very hard when we woke up, so we decided not to drag Ana Kate out in the rain.  I'm a little bummed though because I always enjoy the race and it's just a fun day for the whole family.  Maybe we'll have to do another 5K sometime in the near future.

Ana Kate and I hung out with Grandma for most of the day while Doug and Grandpa worked on the rental house.  I even took a nap with Ana Kate which was wonderful!  I can't remember the last time I took a nap and actually slept.

Tonight we had church and toddler class.  It was fun, but you could tell it rained all day because those kids had a lot of energy!  We only had 7 though, so it was pretty easy to keep them under control.  Our service at church tonight was wonderful (as usual) and really gave me a lot to study on this week.

Pictures are from before church and it was actually sunny for a brief moment.


Candace said...

OK, Candace, I am really freaked out right now! Not only do we have the same name(spelled the same way), husbands with the same name, little girls that are close in age, but... My Doug and I will ALSO be married 6 years... next month on the 22nd! That is so funny! Anyway...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! What a blessing to find the person that completes us and makes us better for it. Hope you had a great day!