Saturday, April 3, 2010


We all went to bed early last night and I feel much better this morning.  Still feeling some stomach pain, but I did manage to eat something this afternoon.  We cleaned house this morning and since my stomach wasn't feeling good, Doug cleaned ALL of the bathrooms!  He even scrubbed the floors!  I am so lucky...he is the best husband ever!  He also helped sweep, vacuum, and dust as grateful for the help.  I love having a clean house on the weekend.

We had church tonight, but only went to the 1st service where we teach the toddler class.  We had 10 kids, but it was pretty easy.  They were all so good and played really well together.  We skipped the 2nd service because my Dad was in town, so we came home earlier to spend time with him.  Ana Kate was so excited to see her Papa!

That's about it for today.  Ana Kate fell asleep on the way home from church since she didn't nap today, so photos were right before bed and indoors.