Sunday, April 25, 2010


Not a lot going on, but it is Doug's birthday Happy Birthday to my sweet husband!!  We celebrated by having lunch at Las Palmas (Doug's favorite Mexican restaraunt), and then had cookies and ice cream.  Ana Kate and I made Daddy a gluten free cookie cake for his birthday and it turned out great! 

This afternoon we went out to War Eagle Mill to buy a few things.  I love their organic flour, so I try to go out there every few months to stock up.  I wanted to walk around and take some pictures of the mill and the old bridge there, but just as we were heading to the car for the camera it started raining....again!  I so hope the rain is over for the week!

That was about it for us....we visited with Doug's parents and then watched The Amazing Race (our favorite team came in 1st this week)...go cowboys!

Most of the pictures today were outside just before sundown.  Our azaleas are in full bloom now and they are beautiful!


Nicki said...

She is just so beautiful!
Look at that smile!
I don't know if you see it, but I think she looks like Ivy R. ( A friend's daughter)
They both have those big brown eyes and cute smile.