Friday, April 23, 2010


Ana Kate had another good night...yay!  She had some trouble going to sleep, but stayed in her bed until about 6:30, then crawled into my bed.  I had to wake her up at 9:15 to get ready for our playdate.

We went over to my friend Sue's house so Ana Kate could play with Drew.  I met Sue at MOPS and she is the most amazing person!  She was adopted as a toddler and has really helped me understand adoption through her eyes and given me a better perspective for how Ana Kate might feel as she grows up.  I just love spending time with her and her baby Drew is adorable!  Drew is almost 18 months old, so he's about a year younger than Ana Kate.  The kids played inside and outside (and back and forth) and had a few snacks.  We had a great time!!  It was so nice to talk to Sue while the kids played...we'll have to do that more often.

Tonight Doug's parents are going to watch Ana Kate so Doug and I can go out to dinner to celebrate our 6th anniversary.  It is actually tomorrow....but we have a really busy day and night tomorrow, so thought it would be best to celebrate tonight.  We'll probably just have dinner and then maybe do some shopping at the mall if it's not raining.

Pictures today are from our playdate.