Thursday, April 8, 2010


We had a pretty lazy morning just hanging out at home.  I made pizza for lunch and then we got ready to go for a bike ride.  I got a new seat for Ana Kate that attaches to my bike, so she was excited to try it out.  We drove out to the bike trails and about 2 miles before we got there we noticed that Ana Kate was alseep. bike ride today, maybe tomorrow.  After Ana Kate's nap I started baking for the MOPS bake sale which is part of our big craft fair on Saturday.  I was baking most of the night....I made 6 dozen cookies!  By the time they all cooled and I packaged and labeled them I was worn out!

Pictures were taken between baking.  I only had one where her mouth wasn't girl just never stops talking.

I have a really funny Ana Kate story.  Tonight Doug and I were arguing about something silly and he wasn't listening to me so I raised my voice to try and get my point across.  Ana Kate immediately comes over to me and says:  'Mommy you don't yell at Daddy, understand me?  You come sit in time out!'  She then leads me over to the time out rug and tells me to sit down.  Then she goes over to her little play kitchen and sets the timer on the microwave.  It was SO funny...and SO precious.  We are working on not yelling at people currently, so I should be more aware of my tone of voice as well.

Not much else....I'm tired, so I'm off to bed.


Deric said...

OMG!!! I can see her now! That cracks me up... she is a little momma!
I am on the look out for a bike for myself. I want one of those old timey looking ones.. a cruiser bike. When I get one we should ride bikes! BTW... I am going to start watching my friends baby on Thursdays. We should get together for walks then!