Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a busy day today.  Doug is taking vacation and doing some things around the house, so we went shopping this afternoon to pick up a few things at the home improvement store.  After that we went to the nursery to pick out some flowers and a small tree for our front yard.  I guess all that shopping tired Ana Kate out because she fell asleep on the way home.  While she slept I helped get the flowers out and ready to be planted.  They look so pretty!

We have a big day planned tomorrow.  Ana Kate and I are going to Branson to meet Haven and her family and have a play date.  Haven was adopted from the same orphanage as Ana Kate and was actually born the same week we arrived in Vietnam.  They are vacationing in Branson this week, so we decided to try and meet up.  It will be special to see the girls together and wonderful to meet Shae (Haven's Mom).  We have 'talked' online so much over the past two years it will be wonderful to finally talk in person!

Not much else going on tonight.  I might make some pizza dough for later in the week, then laundry and tv.


Nicki said...

Great pictures! Hope you had a nice Easter... I have emailed you at:

- Nicki