Thursday, April 1, 2010

91/365 - Happy Birthday Whitney!!

Today is Whitney's 19th birthday!  She had a great day starting off with her boyfriend Josh showing up at 7 this morning to bring her was SO sweet! 

So after Whitney left for school Ana Kate and I got ready so we could do some birthday shopping for Whit.  I found everything I was looking for, but it took us most of the day to get everything done.  Ana Kate is still having stomach issues (I'm thinking it's from the antibiotic she was on), so we had 3 blowouts today and it was really awful!  Good thing I took plenty of extra clothes with us.  I'm hoping she gets over it soon...I'm keeping her on the BRAT diet, and she loves bananas, but it isn't making much of a difference.

After Doug got home from work Whitney opened her gifts and then we took her out to dinner for her birthday.  I took my camera, but she didn't want me to take any pictures....typical.  However I made her and Josh pose for the photos above after we had cake.  I really didn't get any quality pictures of Ana Kate today...a couple in the car, and a few of Ana Kate eating cupcakes and ice cream.  I'm am so tired, so I think I'm calling it a night...