Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Ana Kate slept great last night!  She fell asleep at 8pm and got up this morning at 9am!!  This is the most she has EVER slept...maybe she's starting to like sleep?  She did really well with only one little wake-up (poor baby had some stomach issues), so I had to change a very messy diaper, but she went right back to sleep.  I'm thinking this no nap routine might work!

We stayed at home today and plan to go shopping when Doug gets home.  Whitney's birthday is tomorrow and it really snuck up on me this year.  I am also one of the speakers at our MOPS meeting on Friday and I am just a tiny bit nervous.  I am speaking about adoption, so I think I'll enjoy it.  I just pray that my words will clearly demonstrate how God worked in our lives through our adoption journey, and hopefully encourage others to explore adoption and understand what an amazing blessing it is.  I haven't really prepared anything, just speaking from my heart, but I will post about it Friday or Saturday and try to remember it all.  : )

I took pictures while we played outside today.  Another beautiful was actually hot after being out there for a while!  So, since pictures are done and we're going shopping tonight, I thought I'd post early today.


Nicki said...

Goodness, in the second picture it looks as if she's telling a story. Too cute, really.