Thursday, March 4, 2010


We were pretty busy today.  We went to several different stores to do some shopping and Ana Kate was such a good girl today.  I even put her in her stroller in one store (which she doesn't care for) and she was perfect!  I think pigtails might be her signature look for a while...she loves them!

Grandma and Grandpa arrived today from Ana Kate was super excited!  She was SO happy to see them and of course wanted all of their attention.

I had a million things to do tonight and just not enough time to get them done....I do have one funny story though.  We were checking out at Walmart today and Ana Kate asked the cashier what her name was (she does this all the time).  Well the girl said her name was Ana Kate looked at me with a frown and then looked back at the girl and says....'No...that's Mommy's name'.  It was really cute and I don't think Ana Kate ever really believed that was her name as well.

Very few photos to choose from....we just didn't have time to mess with them today.

We have an early start tomorrow, so I'm heading to bed.