Saturday, March 27, 2010


I know yesterday I talked about having a few rough nights this past week...well, all of those nights combined were nothing compared with last night!  Ana Kate was miserable and started running a fever, so she was up for most of the night.  Her cough was just terrible and even though I gave her medicine every 4 hours her fever just wouldn't go away.  This morning she wasn't much better so we decided to take her to the doctor.  Since it was Saturday we had to go to convenient care rather than her regular doctor and it...was...packed!  We waited about 4 hours before she was finally seen.  They examined her, took a chest x-ray, and gave us lots of prescriptions.  The good news is that she doesn't have pneumonia, but she might have a mild case of bronchitis and/or a viral infection.  So after two more hours we finally made it home!  What a Saturday....

I just gave her a bath and her medicine and we took a couple of pictures on the front porch in her pj's.  Now she's watching cartoons with Daddy.  Since she's feeling so bad, we won't be making it to church tonight.  I'm making one more run to the store and then I'm done for the night....I think we'll all be going to bed early!  : )