Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Another slow day here...so not much to say.

Ana Kate napped very well today, but I had problems again getting her in bed tonight.  She was still awake when I started this post...after 10pm.  I'm wondering if I should wake her up earlier in the morning or maybe shorten her nap to only an hour each day.  I might try both and see if it helps.

More funny sayings from today: 
-Ana Kate was in the bath today and she started rubbing either side of her nose below her eyes and when I asked her what was wrong she said, 'Mommy I think my sinuses are bothering me'.  I have no idea where she got this....maybe a commercial??  Too funny though and probably true as she's had a runny nose all week. 
-Then tonight she was sitting on the couch with me watching a movie and she got really close to me and was looking at my eyes....and she said, 'Oh...I see Ana Kate', so I asked her if she could see her reflection in my eyes and she looked again for a long moment and then said...'Wow!!'...she was so amazed by it!  I love it when I catch the amazement and wonder in her little face and voice when she learns something new.

Photos were very quick and very last minute today...I just didn't have much energy.  I love the first one, but it's not as sharp as I would have liked...then I asked for a nice pretty smile and I got her fake smile in the second one.