Thursday, March 11, 2010


We took it easy again today because I still had a lingering headache and Ana Kate had a rough night.  She went to bed around 9, and fell asleep easily.  Then about an hour later I heard her crying and went upstairs...Doug was already helping her, but she was throwing up all over her bed.  She didn't even sit up...she was just laying there.  I don't think she was completely awake.  So after a quick bath, clean clothes, clean sheets, and some medicine I rocked her back to sleep.  She didn't have a temperature and she was fine the rest of the I'm really not sure what caused it.

So, not much activity today.  It was cloudy and a lot cooler, so we stayed inside which made pictures difficult.

On another note, I am trying to teach Ana Kate to pick up her toys when she's finished playing with them.  Let's just say it's not going well.  I have tried to get her into the habit for the past year and I thought maybe she was just too little then.  Well I know she's not too little now, she just doesn't want to do it.  I struggled for at least 30 minutes today to get the job done...and it involved a couple of time outs.  Then when I asked her to pick up her toys for the 4th or 5th time she asked me if she could go to time out instead.  Apparently time out is more fun than picking up toys...who knew?  So...I'm wondering if I should try to make it into a game...any ideas or suggestions??


Reba said...

Oh, the toy struggle. I know it well. The only suggestion I have is instead of putting Ana Kate in time-out, put her toys in time out. I usually put them up where they are visible but cannot be reached. They stay there for a day or two. Every time my child asks for that toy, I remind them that they didn't pick it up when asked and it is in time out. It is a constant battle, but most of the time now when I say clean up, they do. (The times I have put the child in time out, I have made it clear that they still will be picking up their toys immediately.) Parenting is not an easy job. Worth it but not easy. :)