Sunday, March 28, 2010


I am happy to say that Ana Kate is feeling much better.  Still coughing and a bit cranky, but no fever today.  She didn't go to bed until really late last night, but she slept through the night and we all finally got some much needed rest!  Yay!  Since we spent all day yesterday at the doctor we thought we'd get out and do some shopping today.  We had a good time and found a few was nice just to be out and have Daddy with us.

I've had a couple of comments about Ana Kate's cute outfits and I have to say that I love buying clothes and shoes for her...and sometimes I go a little overboard.  I shop at a lot of different places, but most of her clothes are from Gap.  I buy a few things from Old Navy and The Childrens Place but lately I haven't been impressed with their selections.  She also has a lot of Osh Kosh dresses and outfits and I love how you can mix and match all of their stuff.  I also buy a lot of her solid pieces and summer dresses from Target.  They have some really cute and cheap clothes.  I found some super cute capri legging with ruffles on the bottom at Target the other day for only $4!!  I do buy some of her stuff at smaller local stores and  the typical mall stores...but most of my favorites are from Gap.  Shoes are tough to buy for Ana Kate because she has really long and narrow feet.  So when I buy something with a little toe room they fall off of her heels.  We just bought a ton of summer flip flops from Gap and Target and then she has a couple of nice pairs of sandals from Famous Footwear.

Photos were super quick tonight in our favorite spot (the front porch)...and it was getting cold, so we rushed!  Not much else to say tonight...I'm going to wrap this up and go watch The Amazing Race.


Nicki said...

was that comment from me? Hhaahaa really she is so cute..