Sunday, March 21, 2010


We got up pretty early this morning and headed to Branson to do some shopping.  It was snowing quite a bit when we woke up and the roads didn't look great, so we checked on highway reports it said they were clear for the most part with only light snow.  However we ended up having quite the trip!  We usually go to Branson through Harrison on Hwy 412 and the farther we went on 412 the worse the roads got.  The snow was piling up and cars were stuck all over....we just kept going and were thankful to have our 4 wheel drive Jeep.  We had the car completely loaded with all seven of us (Doug, Grandma, Grandpa, Whitney, Josh, Ana Kate, and I).  There were a couple of times I was really nervous, but we made it!  By the time we realized how bad the roads were getting it just didn't make sense to turn around.  From Harrison to Branson the roads were great....and it was just raining in Branson. 

So...we very much enjoyed our shopping and then decided we would take the longer way home (through Springfield).  Since we were going through Springfield we decided to stop at Lambert's Cafe and had dinner there (that's the place where they throw the rolls at you).  Ana Kate loved it!  They give you SO much food, but it was really yummy!  Our trip home was wonderfully uneventful and even the roads at our house were clear when we got home.  I have to say that Ana Kate was such a good girl today!  She was wonderful in her stroller while we shopped, happy most of the time in the car, and great in the restaurant!  I'm so proud of my baby girl!

I actually took my good camera to Branson, but unfortunately left my memory card in the I didn't get to take any pictures!  I think I got a couple of the roads on my camera memory...I will check and add those tomorrow if I can find them.  Anyway...I got a couple of quick ones of Ana Kate before bed.  She was so sweet and actually posed for me again.