Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Not much going on today...we had a rough night last night.  Ana Kate didn't fall asleep until after ten, but she was up again at midnight, so I ended up not going to bed until 2am!! I am SO tired today.  I did make her nap this afternoon, but woke her up earlier than usual....which made for a cranky girl.  Ana Kate almost always wakes up happy, but when you wake her up....lookout!  I'm hoping for at least 7 hours of sleep tonight...I can dream, right?  I must admit my issues falling asleep are making it worse on me...I can rarely fall asleep before midnight, so I'm going to really try to start going to bed earlier.

Whitney was still in a lot of pain this morning, so she finally went back to the doctor this afternoon.  Turns out the reason she was in so much pain is that she had dry socket.  They said it was pretty bad, but were able to treat it and give her more pain medication.  She was so much happier when she got home!

Ana Kate had her pigtails again today, so she was excited to have her picture taken.