Thursday, March 25, 2010


This morning we met some of the MOPS Moms at Jump Zone so the kids could play.  Ana Kate was a little bit hesitant, but finally got the hang of all the slides and had a great time.  The biggest problem was that it's Spring Break, so there were too many big kids there and they were a bit rough for the little after about an hour we headed home.

Whitney had a doctor's appointment today, so she was at home most of the day.  I picked up Sonic for her and Ana Kate and they had lunch together.  Ana Kate loves being with her big sister!

Not too much else going on today.  Ana Kate has a bit of a cough and really couldn't settle down for her nap, so she's been cranky today.  It's been rainy and cloudy most of the day, so I really didn't put much effort into the photos.


Nicki said...

You are such a wonderful photographer! Your pictures are amazing, and I can only hope to be as talented as you!