Saturday, May 15, 2010


We hung out around the house this morning, then headed out around noon for a playdate at Lena's house.  There were 3 small babies and another 2 year old, Anna Sophia.  The older girls has so much fun running around and being silly.  And all 3 babies were SO good...and adorable.  This was the first time I got to meet Lena's little boy William, he was precious!  Thanks for having us over Lena!

We headed home around naptime and then I woke Ana Kate up just in time to leave for church.  We had the toddler class tonight and actually ended up with only 5 kids, so we took 3 of the little toddlers as well.  They were SO cute playing with the big kids.  All the kids were great tonight and we had lots of fun!

Not much else going on here tonight.  The pictures are all from Lena's house today.

Lena & William
The girls slowed down long enough to have a treat.


Lena said...

It was great having you over! Ana Kate is hilarious! Such a great personality! Let's try to go to the park sometime soon!