Saturday, May 22, 2010


Today we got up early and went to get our new car.  I love it! I still love my Jeep Commander too, but this one has so much more room.  Doug will be driving the Jeep now, so the Suburban is my new car.  It's already dirty because the driveway is so muddy, but here's a picture:

When we got back to the house the guys starting putting a new roof on.  They were up there working all day, so we ran a couple of errands, let the kids play, and then cooked dinner.  I took the pictures of the kids inside and I didn't do much editing at all.  Hoping to take more outside pictures tomorrow...hopefully it won't be so muddy and the kids can play outside more.

Doug working on the roof.

Our adorable nephew Owen.
Grandma working hard in the kitchen.
Ana Kate really likes her Aunt Lauren.