Saturday, June 19, 2010


Ana Kate was not on her best behavior today and would not take a nap at all, which definitely didn't improve things.  So the first half of our day involved several time outs.  I was a bit worried about that since we had our long night at church tonight.  This also was the first night she was in the big kids class for 2 services without us, but she did great!  I am so happy that she loves her new class!  Our toddler class went well tonight too and the church service was amazing!  Just what I needed to hear after a day like today. 

We are also still struggling with potty accidents.  I just don't get it, things were going so well and I thought we were done with it, and now she seems to be going backwards.  I don't remember having this issue with my oldest daughter.  Does anyone have any advice??

The photos from today are so bad, last minute...bad lighting, slow much for me leaving the camera out all day.  I will do better tomorrow, just didn't have the energy tonight.  With that said I am heading to bed!