Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Today another celebration of a special day for us....Ana Kate's Giving & Receiving Day!  That is when the official adoption occurred in Vietnam 2 years ago.  She actually slept through the entire ceremony, but it's full of wonderful memories for us.  That day is also the first day I set her down on her feet and she took her very first steps!  Amazing memories!!  I also have been thinking about the Templeton family that traveled with us and adopted their son Tyler on the same day.  You can view their blog by clicking on the link, hopefully someday soon we can get these kids together again for a visit.

We had a pretty uneventful day here.  I kept the tv off all day and so Ana Kate and I just played with her toys, cleaned a bit, and then took a long nap while it rained.  We've had some recent potty accidents...more than usual, so I've taken away all movies and cartoons until she gets back on track.  I acutally loved the peace and quiet today with no we may keep it turned off for most of the summer.

We took pictures out on the porch after it rained.  Ana Kate had lots of fun splashing in the water.