Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Today we stayed home and tried to get caught up on some things.  Ana Kate played and watched movies while I edited pictures, cleaned, decorated the Christmas tree, and worked on my knitting projects.  I didn't get anything completed, but made progress on all.  We did get our tree decorated...even a little one in Ana Kate's room (I didn't get any pictures of that one tonight), but I still have lots of other decorations to put up.  She helped me with all the ornaments that weren't breakable, but I still had to re-arrange sometimes.  I am not really happy with how my ribbon looks, so I might readjust it tomorrow.

Today Ana Kate has been wearing a different hat every couple of hours.  She started out with a sun hat that's way to small for her, then her winter hat with a pom pom on top, then when were decorating she found the Santa hat and wore it for most of the night.  After putting some laundry in the drier I came downstairs to find Ana Kate putting her puzzle together and she has improvised another 'hat'.  Too cute!  So of course I had to get some pictures.  She is getting so good at her puzzles.  She can do the 48 piece with no problems and she gets mad if I even attempt to help.