Monday, November 15, 2010


We were up at 6 this morning and had a busy day all day.  I dropped Ana Kate off at school and then headed over to Whitney's to help decorate her Christmas tree.  We realized that we needed more lights about halfway through, so we decided to drive into town and get a few things.  We went to Marketplace for lunch and had a good time.  We don't typically have that much time to talk, so it was nice.  We did a bit more shopping and then picked Ana Kate up.  She was so excited to see Whitney there with me....and she had a great day at school.  (Well she did choke on her food at lunch and she had to change clothes....but otherwise she has a great day.)  We took Whitney home and finished up the decorations.    I also did a horrible job taking pictures today.  I lugged my camera everywhere I went and didn't take one single picture....not even one of the finished tree!  I have to get better about capturing things....especially when we're with Whitney....I don't get too many pictures of her now that she's moved out.  I am SO glad we have nothing planned for tomorrow because I am super tired!  I hope Ana Kate lets me sleep in a little.