Tuesday, November 23, 2010


DSC_1298 copy
Today was pretty quiet until Doug got home from work.  I headed out the door for a photo session as soon as he got home.  I did a small session for a friend of mine and her kids.  We didn't take many photos because it was quite chilly.  I haven't edited them yet....but there are several that I really like.

When I got home Doug was in the middle of cleaning up quite a mess.  TMI warning!!  Ana Kate was sick to her stomach and apparently it came out both ends....at the same time.  So it appears my child has perfect timing....she waited on Daddy to make a mess!  : )  She seemed to feel fine, but continued to have diarrhea all night.  I hope her stomach settles by tomorrow....this is really awful now that she wears big girl underwear.

We got Ana Kate changed and headed up the street to vote (runoff election) and then picked up dinner.  Ana Kate ate really well, but her stomach just isn't handling it well.  Looks like we'll be eating lots of bananas tomorrow.  That was pretty much it for our day.  I completely forgot to take Ana Kate's picture until she was already asleep.  (Yes she is asleep...even though her eyes are partially open).  It was so cute when I went up to check on her she still had woody and jessie....she has been taking them everywhere lately.