Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Today I woke up with a headache so we stayed home, but I really didn't get a lot accomplished.  Around 12:30 Ana Kate was getting very cranky so I put her down for a nap.  Shortly after that Doug called and told me he broke his collarbone.  He was playing ultimate frisbee at lunch and somehow fell and broke it.  He decided to have a co-worker take him to the emergency room so that I wouldn't have to wake Ana Kate up.  He got home right after she woke up with his clavicle brace and a sling.   He said it's still hurting, but they gave him some pain medicine....so hopefully it will feel better in the morning.  Whitney broke her collarbone when she was 2, so I knew they wouldn't do much for it....it should heal in 4-6 weeks.  So much for getting help with all my Christmas boxes....I might have to enlist help from Josh.  : )

We didn't do pictures until it was almost dark.....and Ana Kate's hair is wet from her bath, but they were taken outside!  She was making some very funny faces.

We're hoping to go to the park tomorrow for a play date, so hopefully it will be nice outside.