Sunday, November 14, 2010


Today we finally got out of the house.  Ana Kate slept great last night....unfortunately I didn't.  I couldn't fall asleep until more coffee at night I guess.  We hung out this morning and read the Sunday paper.  Then we headed out to do some shopping.  I'm not sure what was going on with Ana Kate, but she was in a terrible mood and so hard to deal with.  She whined and cried every time we made her sit in a shopping cart, it was very frustrating.  Hopefully she will have a better day tomorrow.

We found a dining room table for Whitney & Josh, so we bought that and took it out to them as an early Christmas present.  We didn't stay long because Ana Kate was so cranky.  We made a quick stop at the grocery store and then home for the night.  I once again did not take any pictures outside....but I will do more this week.  I have been so lazy with my pictures lately, partly because I have to chase Ana Kate around to get them.  I made cookies for Ana Kate's school Thanksgiving feast tomorrow and then put her to bed early.  I didn't clean out the refrigerator, but I did just clean out the I made some progress today.  : )   Now I need to get in bed because we have an early day tomorrow.