Wednesday, November 10, 2010


We had another rough night....and Ana Kate is still sick and feverish.  She really struggled last night and was burning up!  Thankfully this morning her temperature was back to normal, but after a couple of hours it went back up.  I did get a prescription called in though, so she started her antibiotics today.  She still isn't feeling great, so she won't be going to school tomorrow.  Whitney is sick as well, but this is her 3rd day of medicine and she says she's feeling better.  So hopefully Ana Kate's medicine will kick in tomorrow.

I am worn out....several nights of semi-sleep have started to take their toll.  I will try to go to bed early tonight, but that just never happens.  I always think of a hundred things to do once Ana Kate's asleep.

I didn't even attempt to take her pictures until tonight when she finally perked up a little.  We recently bought her the Toy Story 3 movie and she LOVES it!  So she now wants all things toy story.  We got her a little woody and jessie action figure and she has been playing with them constantly.  So, of course they had to be in her pictures.  We also got her some toy story pajamas (they are boys....but she really wanted them....I couldn't find any for girls, oh well).  She told me tonight that she really needs to collect all of the action figures.  : )  She has also memorized every toy commercial that's on right now.  We got several toy books in the paper Sunday and she can go through it and tell me what almost all the toys are and that she wants them.  She is a marketers dream....every time she sees a commercial she says, 'Mommy I want that!'  One other funny thing she started saying yesterday is 'seriously' and it's so cute because she always says it with just the right pitch and in perspective to whatever is going on.  She is such a little stinker!