Friday, November 5, 2010


We were super busy today and I am SO tired!  We started off at my MOPS meeting and from there went straight to a lunch/play date with Ana Kate's newest friend.  We met Annie (who is adopted from China) and her Mom at chick-fil-a and the girls had so much fun!  Annie has only been home for 4 months, but she is doing amazing.  I had such a great time and hope and we're hoping to try and meet regularly because the girls got along so well.

By the time we got home Ana Kate was very cranky, so she went down for a nap.  We took a few pictures and I worked on editing some pictures while Ana Kate played.  When Doug got home we headed to the grocery store and from there went to pick up my nephew Brad.  He'll be staying with us until Tuesday and Ana Kate is super excited!  They played so well together tonight and I'm hoping they sleep good tonight.