Sunday, October 31, 2010

304/365 - Happy Halloween!

Today I got to sleep in...yay!  We didn't do much until after lunch, then we headed out to Sam's for a few things and stopped at a couple of other stores along the way.  We also took Ana Kate to the pet store because she said that was 'on the schedule'.  On our way home she fell asleep in her car seat and stayed asleep when I got her inside, so she had a nice nap.  When she woke up we had dinner and then got her dressed up in her Halloween costume.  We don't really do the traditional trick-or-treating because she always gets more than enough candy on Friday from going to Doug's workplace.  We do sometimes take her by to see friends and family though, so that's what we did tonight.  We went to see our neighbors and then stopped by Mimi's, then Doug's aunt's house, and finally we visited Whitney and Josh.  Ana Kate had fun showing everyone her costume and I also got several pictures of her.  She didn't last long when we got back home, so I think our day wore her out.


Amanda said...

Ana Kate was the cutest little butterfly!!! Sounds like she had a lot of fun!