Wednesday, October 6, 2010


We stayed at home today and it was really nice.  I spent most of the morning cleaning out Ana Kate's closet and sorting her old clothes for storage.  She was a really good girl and played and watched a few tv shows while I cleaned.  She would come in and talk to me every once in a while.  We took a break for lunch and after that I put Ana Kate down for her nap.  I caught up on my Bible study tonight and I'm trying to mark a few other things off my 'to do' list before bed.

This afternoon we were looking through Ana Kate's Vietnam picture album.  I have several pictures of her that they sent me from the orphanage, some were taken when she was only a few days old.  She was looking at the tiny baby pictures and she said, 'Mommy, I wish I was in your belly when I was a little tiny baby.'  It was the most precious thing ever....and totally unexpected.  I really wasn't sure she understood everything that well, but she seemed to.  I guess being around Amanda yesterday and talking about the tiny baby in her belly is probably what made her think about it in that way.

I just love moments like those....just the two of us sitting on the floor in her bedroom.  She always manages to say the sweetest things that just melt my heart.