Monday, October 18, 2010


I took Ana Kate to school this morning and then headed to Fayetteville to find a few items for her Halloween costume.  I also stopped by the bookstore and picked up a couple of books.  I really was lazy about pictures today, so I only got a couple this morning.

I picked Ana Kate up and she was in such a great mood...she told me she had a fun day.  She has been saying her bible verse for the week over and over with sign language I tried to get a video of her.  She didn't fully cooperate, but she said it.

This evening I had a photo session.  I took some family photos for a girl that I have bible study with.  She is so sweet and her boys are adorable.  The weather was perfect and I got lots of great pictures.  I hope she likes them as much as I do.

When I got home Ana Kate was gearing up for dancing with the stars.  She did dance some, but was pretty tired, so I put her in bed before it was over.  Now I'm going to work on editing some pictures.


Amanda said...

aww how sweet! Her little dress looks cute on her too!