Thursday, October 7, 2010


We woke up early this morning and it felt really early because we did not sleep well last night.  As soon as I fell asleep (around 12:30 or 1am) Ana Kate started crying and said she was having bad dreams.  I eventually put her in bed with me and she settled down.  So we were up early....dragging, but Ana Kate made it to school on time....and I had time to get gas and go by Starbucks before bible study.

Bible study was great today, I just love the Beth Moore studies and how I see the scriptures in a new way with each lesson.  The study we are doing is really tying together the old testament with the new testament and it is fascinating.  I have learned so much in just a few weeks and look forward to learning more.

I bought a new camera strap cover from a super sweet girl in my bible study class.  She makes lots of different designs and sells them on Etsy.  Check out her store here.  I just put mine on my camera and I love it!


 When I picked Ana Kate up from school her teacher told me she had a great day....but no nap.  So we'll definitely be working on an 8pm bedtime tonight.  Ana Kate and I played and then I made dinner and some pumpkin bread while she watched a dvd.  The pumpkin bread was SO good and it's lowfat.  Basically you can use any pumpkin bread recipe out there, just substitute applesauce for the oil or butter.  I also heard that if you wrap the bread in foil while it's still hot it will be more moist.  I wrapped mine in non-stick foil as soon as I turned it out of the pan and it is super moist, but it's still warm too.  Hopefully it will still be nice and moist tomorrow as well.