Friday, October 8, 2010


We had another rough night last night.  Ana Kate cried a lot in her sleep...I guess she had bad dreams or got too hot in her toddler bed.  She ended up in our bed and still didn't sleep well, so I was pretty cranky this morning because I didn't sleep well either.  But we got moving and went to check out a new location for photos in Bentonville.  I really liked the spot, it has a little creek and nice trees....but the lighting is a bit tricky, so I'll have to schedule pictures for the right time of day.  Ana Kate loved it, but I had to keep telling her to stay out of the water.  So I really didn't get any good pictures of her looking at me....she was too busy watching the water.  : )  We then met Whitney for lunch and Ana Kate was SO excited!  She kept telling Whitney how much she missed was super sweet!  She was very upset when Whitney had to go back to work, she loves her big sister so much.
My beautiful girls
After lunch we headed home for nap time.  While Ana Kate slept I made more pumpkin bread and some poppy seed bread.  When Doug got home we took a couple of loaves over to our neighbors and visited for a while.  Ana Kate had fun exploring their backyard while we talked.  After that we went to see Whitney & Josh and took them a couple of loaves of bread too.  So....we had a busy day...actually a busy week, so we are ready for a relaxing weekend.
A bit tired of pictures at this point....